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We recently decided to change up our monthly meeting format.  The biggest change was moving locations from the Butts-Mehre building to Rooker Hall, one of the dorms on East Campus where most of the athletes live.  In the past we have not been able to reserve this room, but were blessed with that opportunity for this semester.  It is much easier for the students to attend here.

One major change we are trying to emphasize is letting the student leaders have more ownership of the meeting in order to give them leadership opportunities, create a closer point of connection between them and their teammates who attend, and create energy and excitement in the room by having it be student-run.  One way we implemented that was by having a couple of our student leaders emcee the meeting.  Luke Baker, junior track and cross country runner, and Anna Watson, senior cheerleader, brought tons of energy through this role by doing a hilarious skit with a great Biblical teaching point right at the beginning.

Another way we wanted to give the students ownership was by having them give input into what topics the speakers will teach.  They suggested talking about how to incorporate God into their sport in a way that is Biblical.  What a relevant topic for student-athletes!  Andy Rhodenbaugh, Athletes in Action staff member in Atlanta, came and spoke about the danger of letting sport become an idol, taking the place of God in your life.

Perhaps the highlight of the night was hearing Fred Munzenmaier share about his life, how he truly came to know Christ personally, and the impact Jesus has had on his life.  You can see that video at the top of this page, or on our testimonies page.  Fred did a fantastic job explaining through his personal experiences and Scripture how someone who knows Christ will live a life that reflects Him.

All in all it was a great night and one of our best turnouts of the year.  Our next monthly meeting is February 24 at 7:00.