Here is a ton of resources that we use on campus in one on one and small group settings.  Some of the topics may overlap, but they are grouped together based loosely on the maturity level of the group you are trying to teach.  Feel free to use these resources as you wish.

Knowing God Personally– This page will explain what it means to have a personal relationship with God, and how you can enter into that relationship through faith in Christ.

The Fundamentals– These four lessons are great for going through with new believers.  They cover four key aspects that are the foundation for understanding how to walk in a growing relationship with Christ.

Personal Growth Series– This series is designed to give principles for how to grow in a relationship with Christ.

Discipleship Series– This series of lessons is designed to teach a believer how to grow to maturity in faith.  One of the main focuses here is not only growing in a personal walk with Christ, but how to become someone who makes disciples of others as well.

The Hurdle Series– These studies can be used as Follow-ups in one-on-one and/or small group settings.  They assume a secular, mostly unchurched athlete or coach as their audience, but obviously, there will be variations in both the level of spiritual interest, experience, and competitive skill.  They will help the participant connect emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to biblical concepts at a deeper level, but not act as a systematic theology on any one concept.

Leadership Requirements– These are our student leadership requirements.

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